Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Design Creations on Free 7 Themes

After enough wits about which regulate how manage blog structured, finally I made a directory for the collection of hot design links to my other blogs the as a free 7 themes, some of which are sexy and beautiful blog seo mucus half majors lower abdomen.

Yes, there was no choice for me than playing seo-x since ma pagerank on the main blogs was knock out by google, which resulted in sales of business links and the free-fall drop PTR also rarely behavior, because now in the business of the advertiser paid reviews most recommended blogs that has a minimum 3 Pagerank.

Sometimes me and my blogs,felt always being intimidated by google, because in some seo contest serp often I suddenly lost the bare earth, which was already on the first page, and when not doing any action, and seo techniques The maximum was enough, if you just took a few sequences or the page may I still think reasonable, but completely gone I considered not reasonable. and after all I have to admit that it has google terms for not selling or spaming the link, and it was all I was violated, for the sake of online business interests of all my blogs in free 7 network. well have no choice, because I was a blogger who rely on online revenue, although in the theory I understand how to direct the preferred site to keep maximizing google internet business, but many factors have limitations that can realize it.

Anyway,any stuffs in free 7 themes is of charge, which means not a commercial site, all I meant to expand the dissemination of the association and friendship in the world of the Internet in general and in blogger's world, especially in the blogger Indonesia community.