Friday, March 19, 2010

The purpose of Indonesia Java International Destination

For fellow Indonesian bloggers, The SEO Contest of Indonesia Java International Destination was dedicated for the exciting world of online marketing with community based tourism as a driving force in Indonesia. the gift presented by a large organizer with a total prize of 20.000.000 IDR plus for the winners will receive award from the Regional Government of Yogyakarta.

To all professional players and online businesses and internet marketers in Indonesia, they invite you all to attend the 2010 SEO Contest held by in cooperation with BP2KY (Tourism Promotion Agency of Yogyakarta).

The mission of Indonesia Java International Destination Campaign are, Tourism sector is very potential for economic empowerment of the people and have a multiplier effect which is very broad. Because of the efforts in the tourism sector is directly related to many other sectors that affect people's economic life.

With enthusiasm to build, we would have been feasible to pro-actively in the online world to promote the recreation area as part of international destinations.

SEO Contest was chosen as the initial process of penetration of Java as part of the International Destination worthy of visit and make tourism the largest foreign exchange.

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